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give me a hungry woman and i will give you a revolutionary  roughly translates to ” only the neediest and most desperate in our society are vulnerable to our bullshit” 

qarcon replied to your post: will get up and make breakfast any mom…


summoned the courage to take a piss, didnt brush teeth, time to get back up again - struggle is real 

trouble being russian is that your country is so mighty you lose track of which ethnic group you’re supposed to hate

Tajik sergeant on patrol in Parvar searching for insurgents using the Afghan border during the Tajikistan civil war. 1993.

BDSM is weird but arent we all the subs to capitalisms dominance

no I’m middle class

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i know every lyric to this but cant say it in public 

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will get up and make breakfast any moment now 

too lazy to masturbate 


This may be the second most busiest month ever ;-; Mostly shoots <3 Treated myself to this fuzzy thing.